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If you have come here looking for the best comedy on the Internet you are definitely in the right place. If you’ve come here because you’re bored you are also definitely in the right place. If you’ve come here expecting recipes for Beef Stroganoff you are probably in the wrong place, but stick around and enjoy the humour (or humor if you’re American) anyway.

To start your comedy adventure click one of the links on the left, before you start though I must tell you that some of the material isn’t suitable for children so parental guidance is recommended.

In the pictures section you will find a selection of pictures on all different subjects just start at the top and work your way through clicking each link to load the pictures. The same goes for the jokes click the links on the main jokes page and it will take you to the joke. There are jokes to suite all tastes including clean jokes, rude jokes and adult jokes. If you choose to look at the one liners you will find them all on one page and the same goes for the bumper stickers.

I don’t suppose you even got this far because the excitement will have got the better of you and you will have already gone to look at the funny stuff. But if you did, thanks for taking the time to read it, now go and click on one of the links and start laughing.

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